Samsung trademark DayNote name

Over on the USPTO website a new trademark has appeared from Samsung titled “DayNote”. At the moment, the trademark has the DayNote in various categories, including mobile phones, tablets, software, covers and portable computers. So as of yet, it’s really unclear exactly what the DayNote could be. For example it could be a new software application specifically for their Galaxy Note range, or perhaps even the name of the third generation Galaxy Note mobile phone. Speculation from ... Continue Reading →

Galaxy Note 3 could be available in three different screen sizes

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 3, one of which was regarding the screen size. There had been rumors of it being 5.7 inches, 5.99 as well as 5.5 inches. 5.7 inches seemed to be the favorite rumor and most solid but, according to Indian logistics website Zauba, the Note 3 will come in three different sizes which could explain the previous conflicting screen size rumors and leaks. One reason for the varying sizes could be because Samsung like to offer the phone to suit ... Continue Reading →

Samsung to announce Galaxy Note 3 at IFA in September? Four variants possible

As we near closer to the IFA and nearer to the one year anniversary of the Note 2 announcement, more and more rumors are flying around regarding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note handset, the currently unannounced Samsung Galaxy Note 3. There have been numerous rumors surrounding the screen size of the Note 2’s successor however, reports seem to have settled on the Note 3 sporting a 5.7″ display. This is also probably the most possible as Samsung previously increased the screen size ... Continue Reading →

Samsung unveil official Galaxy S4 accessories

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 release just around the corner, the company have revealed their list of official Samsung accessories for the next flagship handset. The list has been split into two categories for the accessories. There is a list of “Shared Accessories” which means they will be compatible with previous Galaxy Note devices as well. Included in the list is a Smart Dock, MHL 2.0 HDTV adapter, HM3300 Bluetooth headphones and more. The other list of official accessories come under ... Continue Reading →

Samsung officially unveil Galaxy S4

There has been plenty of speculation about Samsung’s next Galaxy handset and the announcement from the Korean company turned out to be for the Samsung Galaxy S4, the successor to their very popular S3 handset which was released last year. Samsung have kept the same design – inspired by nature for humans – for their next flagship handset the Galaxy S4. The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a 5 inch display with a full HD resolution of 1920×1080 which gives it a PPI of 441 which ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S3 arrives in four more nature inspired colors

Samsung shook things up a little bit when they released their latest flagship phones. Pretty much every handset is available in black as standard and quite a lot also come in white and secondary colors are, well secondary. However, with the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung released the handset in Pebble Blue and Marble White and omitted a black version. This is set to change though as Samsung have announced that they will be releasing the popular Android smartphone in another four colors, again all inspired ... Continue Reading →

Samsung announce limited edition Team GB Galaxy S3

As the Olympics kick off in London, Samsung have announced that they will be releasing two limited edition Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. Available in the same two colors of Pebble Blue and Marble White, the limited edition models will have the UK flag on the back on the pebble blue model and the white model will have the Team GB logo. The phones will also come with the standard back plates for when the Olympics are over. The limited edition Samsung Galaxy S3 will go on sale on August 1st through Carphone ... Continue Reading →

Official Samsung Galaxy S3 flip case review

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been out for a few weeks in the UK now and quite a few Samsung Galaxy SIII accessories have already been released, with more on the way including protective cases. With the S3, Samsung have released quite a few official accessories for the handset already, including the flip case available in Marble white and Chrome Blue to match the colours of their flagship handset. We’ve received the Marble White version to match our white S3, although from various pictures we’ve ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S3 unboxing

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been in the UK for a little over a week now and we’ve just received our Galaxy S3 in white. The Marble White Galaxy S3 is readily available, while the Pebble Blue version is having delay problems. The box on the Galaxy S3 is slightly smaller (except length ways) than the S2 and the white model actually comes in a white box, where as with the S2 both the white and black model came in a black box. On first looks, the Samsung Galaxy S3 looks very slim, stylish and lightweight. ... Continue Reading →

Samsung unveil Galaxy Tab successor

Samsung have unveiled the Galaxy Tab 2 for their tablet range of products. The Galaxy Tab 2 is similar to the original Galaxy Tab. It features the same 7″ display and 1024×600 resolution. It also comes with a 3 megapixel camera and a front facing camera along with 1GB of RAM. The Galaxy Tab 2 differs however by coming in a slightly thicker form factor. The Tab 2 will measure 10.5mm compared to the original Galaxy Tab which measured 9.9mm. The tablet will be powered by a 1GHz dual core ... Continue Reading →