Frash brings Flash to Apple iPhone 4

frash flash iphone 4

Comex, the developer of the Spirit and Jailbreakme jailbreaking crack for the iPad and iPhone 4 has now released a ported version of Frash – the application that brought Flash software to the iPad – for the iPhone 4.

Although the application is still in development, the Alpha version has been released and runs on the Apple iPod Touch 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the iPad.

In order to use Frash you need a jailbroken device running iOS 3.2 for iPads or ios 4 for the iPod Touch and iPhones and it is advisable to back up your devices fully before attempting to install Frash.

Here is a video of the installation of Frash on the iPhone 4:



2 Responses to “Frash brings Flash to Apple iPhone 4”

  1. Artful Dodger

    Aug 14. 2010

    No doubt that this iPhone app will sooner or later get deleted as Steve Jobs really dislikes Adobe now.

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  2. Jolie Joe

    Aug 26. 2010

    great news. flash on iPhone 4 was one thing that people were looking for a long time.

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