Case Logic SLRC-205 Camera Sling Backpack Review

case logic slrc-205

At first glance, not being used to ‘sling type’ bags personally, the Case Logic SLR Camera Sling Backpack (SLRC-205) camera case/bag looks a little bulky. It also looks a lot like a case aimed more at male photographers than female, it is definitely more masculine in appearance than some camera cases I’ve come across. However, I’ve always been told not to judge on appearance alone and certainly not on first glance impressions and so I ventured further into the multi-pocketed world of the SLRC-205 with an open mind and my Canon DSLR at hand.

My desire to try the Case Logic Sling Backpack dslr camera bag started as soon as I saw the camera suspension system that Case Logic are building into their more recent cases. The idea of being able to securely suspend my camera, protecting the lens and the body of the camera properly whilst still having almost instant access to the camera when I needed it appealed to me immensely. I admit to being ‘blinded’ to most of the other features of the case once I saw the suspension system and until the case arrived, I wasn’t even aware of the number of useful pockets the SLRC-205 has, the memory foam padding, the comfortable sling strap or the waist strap for extra security. The Case Logic Sling Backpack also has a strapping system to allow the case to carry a tripod securely and unobtrusively along with velcro strap ‘holders’ which end the problem of dangling straps.

dslr in case logic slrc-205

Suspension system:

The Case Logic patented suspension system comprises of a piece of neoprene, velcroed to the inside of the main storage compartment. The neoprene is cut in such a way to allow an SLR/DSLR camera to sit in it whilst allowing the lense of the camera to slot through the neoprene, suspending the camera in the case and keeping the lense from touching the bottom of the case to prevent damage. It seems like such a simple concept and it is but, it really does work and by suspending the camera at the top of the case, it also gives super quick access to grab the camera and take that quick shot when you need to whilst knowing you arent about to scratch the camera or possibly damage the lens by grabbing it out of the bottom of a bag.

case logic suspension system

Other Features:

This case has a number of storage pockets, all with zip fastening. This includes a nicely sized ‘flat’ pocket at the front perhaps for storing memory cards, a spare battery or your camera manual. There is a good sized side pocket for storing lenses or perhaps a flash unit and there is a pocket which Case Logic suggest is used to store a mobile phone, although I’ve tried several mobile phones and not one of them fitted in the pocket, these were 4″+ screened phones though so perhaps something a little smaller would be fine.

Overall impression:

The Case Logic SLRC-205 Sling Backpack is a premium quality DSLR case, theres no doubting that. I still find it a little bulky and I wonder if the waist strap is really long enough to ‘fit’ anyone with a bit of bulk around the waist or even thicker clothing. The shoulder strap itself is well padded and the case fits very comfortably around the body. The velcro ‘strap holders’ are a clever way to tie up the loose ends of the straps once you have fitted the bag to your own liking, it’s a nice touch that makes this case feel that little bit more special. The material of the case is strong and I imagine it will last for quite some time although, perhaps not as long as the Case Logic 25 year warranty seems to suggest!

All in all, for the price, if you are looking for a camera case/bag to strap to yourself securely when you are perhaps going off on a walk or a bike ride or even if you just like sling bags then, this case ticks most of the boxes. It is a little bulky however if you are just looking for a quality case to just pop over your shoulder.

Case Logic have posted up a video of the SLRC-205 in action on their official YouTube channel for further viewing if you so desire:


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  1. Larry Scott Wood

    Feb 26. 2014

    I purchased this bag because I was looking for a functional single strap sling bag that would allow me access to my Canon 40d easily and on the go. I got to go to Paris, FR on a biz trip and really hated the bag that I had. Most of the bags I’ve seen for traveling are either way too big for the type of shooting I do or just plain ugly and scream out “CAMERA BAG!!!” Not only does this bag look good, it was EXTREMELY functional. With a quick slide around the body you could get into the camera compartment easily and it has enough storage for my needs. I carried the camera with a 28-135mm attached (I think you could use up to a 70-300 if you wanted although it might be a bit tight), an 18-55mm in the upper compartment, along with a spare flash card, my usb cable, wall charger and a French phrase book (pocket sized)it packed well. The construction of the bag seems rugged enough (I plan to use it for hiking as well) and the padding and hammock system seem very good at protecting the camera. I have recommended this bag to several family members and I intend to order 3 more to give as gifts 🙂 No, I don’t work for Case Logic, but when I find something of good quality that functions as advertised, I do think it’s important to share that info. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this bag particularly for lots of walking and site seeing. As long as you’re not some kind of pro who has to have more than 2 lenses and all kinds of gadgets you should be good to go. There is a flap on the outside to carry a tripod around and I do believe it would work, as I put my umbrella in it to see how that would go…no problems. Nice job Case Logic 🙂

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