Case Logic SLRC-201 Digital Camera bag review

Many camera cases don’t accommodate for a DSLR set up with a zoom lens attached. There are so many cases that give ample room and protection for a camera and a lens to be stored separately, some camera bags even allow for multiple camera bodies and several lenses however, as fantastic as these cases are for carrying and storing camera equipment, sometimes it is more convenient to simply have the camera and lens set up ready for action and so we set out to find a decent camera case that would ... Continue Reading →

Twitter app updated, brings slight changes

Twitter have updated the official social networking Twitter app for use on Android powered smartphones and tablets. At first glance, the newly updated version of the Twitter Android app looks similar to the previous version of the Twitter app. However, there are two notable changes included in this latest update. First change of note with the new version of the app is that the “My Profile” page now includes background images within the user interface. Photos to create these background ... Continue Reading →

Version 2.0 eBay app released then pulled for Android

There have been a few recent updates to a few ‘major player’ Android apps of late and the eBay app has also become one of them. The eBay app has been available on the Android platform for a little while now and since its initial release the app has gone on to be available to download by users in countries other than the US. Now eBay have released version 2.0 of their popular app, albeit only briefly. There are no major changes in the 2.0 update but, the user interface has been redesigned ... Continue Reading →
snugg wrist strap ipod

Ipod Nano 6th Gen Wrist Watch Strap Case Review

One of the best things about the sixth gen iPod Nano is it’s size and the availablilty of a number of innovative carry cases. We’ve seen the “armstrap” type cases, the usual silicon cases, hard cases and necklace type cases but, when we came across watch strap cases which also basically turn the iPod Nano into a wrist watch we were most impressed. Fortunately our friends at Snugg make one of these wrist strap watch cases and were good enough to let us test and review their ... Continue Reading →
snugg kindle case

Snugg Kindle 4 Case Review

A short time ago we reviewed the rather impressive iPad and HTC Flyer cases made by Snugg. We were so impressed that when we were offered the chance to review two further products from Snugg, we jumped at the chance. The first review is that of the Snugg Kindle 4 case, a device I’ve had for a few months now and that I’ve struggled to find the perfect case for. Recently I purchased a cheap case for my kindle that turned out to be the closest to perfect of the several cases I’d tried. ... Continue Reading →

Official Samsung Galaxy S3 flip case review

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been out for a few weeks in the UK now and quite a few Samsung Galaxy SIII accessories have already been released, with more on the way including protective cases. With the S3, Samsung have released quite a few official accessories for the handset already, including the flip case available in Marble white and Chrome Blue to match the colours of their flagship handset. We’ve received the Marble White version to match our white S3, although from various pictures we’ve ... Continue Reading →

Adonit JotPro Stylus review

It certainly isn’t the first stylus created for use with capacitive screens but, the JotPro from Adonit is the first of it’s kind to feature a different ‘nib’ to the chunky rounded rubber end found on most other styluses, thus making it more precise according to the company. We decided to test that claim and review the stylus for ourselves. All newer tablets feature a capacitive screen, as do a lot of the new smartphones and of course, the iPhone, iPod and iPad range. A stylus ... Continue Reading →

HTC Flyer Snugg Square Skinny Fit case review

After trying out the Snugg Squared Skinny Fit case on my iPad 2 and really liking it, I decided I’d give the same case a try out on my slightly neglected HTC Flyer. I knew I wouldn’t use the case on my iPad as I prefer to use a portfolio case on that but, I liked the design of this case enough to want to try it on one of my other gadgets. Apart from the obvious differences i.e. size and shape and different port/button placements, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the ... Continue Reading →

iPad 3 Snugg portfolio case reviewed

There isn’t a lot that we can say about the iPad 3 case from Snugg that hasn’t already been said in our iPad 2 portfolio case from Snugg review however, for those of us that have actively sought out a protective yet attractive case for our newest iPad purchase, we still want to confirm that the newest variation of the case is going to be as good as the cases produced by Snugg for the previous two releases of the Apple iPad. Continue Reading →

Snugg Squared Skinny Fit iPad 2 case reviewed

Ipad 2 cases come in various shapes and sizes although, most are iPad 2 shaped and sized but, I’m sure you get my gist! There is such a wide choice of case style, price range, material and quality that the task of finding the perfect case can be daunting. As official gadget case addicts, we’ve found ourselves reviewing a number of cases for iPads of late and during those reviews we came across a gem of a case by Snugg which honestly, isn’t the type of case I expected to like. The  ... Continue Reading →